I asked and I prayed . . . > . . > . . .

log in at 3.14 am, Monday, 09.03.2015 and out at 3.42 am

Father, what is my problem and what is our problem that none stirreth up himself to take hold of thee, and that none calleth upon thy name? , – in Jesus Name I pray.

> got myself a cup of fresh coffee and went to sit and wait.

> almost right away, I was led to Isaiah 55:6,7,8,9 again through to Isaiah 56:7

any one want to join me in prayer to pray that God’s people return to Him with passion, and that we diligently seek God and draw nigh and recognize our sins and repent of our love affair with the world, the things of the world, our own endless cravings for carnal pleasures and our very own lusts of the flesh and that we diligently seek and search for God with a soon clean and pure heart.

and that there is then a time of refreshing and a time of healing and Restore and more.

I/we need to say more, but will leave that for other times.


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