For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

in at 8.31 am, Tuesday, 10/03/2015 and out at 8.32

just so that you know that what I believe to be true is this :

God our Father is heaven wants his people healed, so if you are HIS and you do want healing, He will guide you step by step by step by mis-step by corrected step until you get to the place where you are ready to listen and willingly to obey the rest of the way.

do you see what I see?

do you see the first three easy steps?

“one, two, three”

one is : ___________________

two is : ____________________

three is : ___________________

again, do you see the first three easy steps?

not yet?

need more time?

where are you stuck? . . . > . . and do you know why?

got time to stop and chat for 4 or 5 minutes now or any time soon?

now? or very soon? or much later?

“in 22 seconds, in 22 minutes, 22 days, 22 weeks, 22 months, 22 years or what?”

you are welcome to bring a close friend with you, if you like.

– 9.01 am.

_____ 9.31 am __________

_____ * content edit, 9.31 am, 10/03/2015, it is easy to make up an excuse and say I’m just too busy, when the truth is you are confused, dumbfounded, unsure and fearful.

but that’s OK and that’s fine, I’ll ask again.         update and out at 9.35 am

_____ 9.35 am __________

Thank You Father and Thank You Lord Jesus for all of the blessings!


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