you want your health and life back, but what changes can you make stick?

in at 6.09 am, Tuesday, 10/03/2015 out at 6.25 am out at 6.33 am

where are you stuck?

how many places?

and why?

what is the solution? the remedy? the cure?

Which method do you use to stretch those tight hamstring muscles?

do you even know that your hamstring muscles are tight and need stretching?

life is such a rush, hurry, hurry, hurry, go, go, go, go fast.

when is there time to go slow, to be still and to relax?

express the story of your life now with details!

where is your head most of the time?

where is your heart all the time?

want to learn why illness and disease is unnecessary and how to easily eliminated it?

are you ready to take me serious yet and will you take all of this serious any time soon?

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