in at 4.56 am the first time and 8.12 am finally got back into the original draft

in at 5.00 am, Sunday, 15.03.2015.

I’m believing for an advanced healing center for all of Saskatchewan and for all of Canada a Mari usque ad Mare and God willing, I am ready to take the first action steps required of me to bring this long held belief into reality.

So who is first on the list?

Who is sick and tired of being sick and tired and who does want healing?

Who knows where they are stuck and who knows why?

What’s your story?

And what’s your beef?

do you speak the truth in love?

Are you willing and obedient, sometimes? … > .. >>> … most of the time?

now, I will post this content and find a comfortable spot to sit and wait for what to do next out at 5.20 am

. . . > . . >>> . . .

. . . > . . >>> . . .

do you see?

how well do you see?

this *content edit, from . . to . .  at 5.27 am


in again at 5.35 to add this content:

if you see, do you also agree?

and how well do you understand?

update and out again at 5.36


I restored the revision with the title, but when I attempted to edit the title, it vanished again  7.51 am how do I work around this situation?


interesting story to tell you face to face since this post is not cooperating with me today update and out at 8.23 am


logged in 4.44 pm, Monday, 16.03.2015 to add this *content edit: I see a unique opportunity for healing, if one is ready to attempt the changes and ready to turn to God and willing to return to God.

Another way of putting “it” is described in Amos 5:24.

update and log out at 4.52 pm.



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