second post of today’s three posts is customized for Brian:

in at 453 am, Sunday, 15.03.2015 to set up a second post of a triple post out at 4.54. God willing, I’ll be back pdq. out at 4.54 am


back in again at 5.55 am, Sunday, 15.03.2015

This part of today’s posting is directed to one person in particular:

I) What’s your story?

2) what’s your beef?

3 > my response to you Sir, is pending your response to me

update and out again at 6.04 am, Sunday,15.03.2015.

Thank You Father and Thank You Lord Jesus for the Joy and the Peace and the great hope and the growing patience and for the benefits and the rewards and the blessings.


> . . >>> . . . and Thank You Father for all of the petty annoyances and for all of the major aggravations and then for the patience and for the ever increasing faith and the great hope and for the knowledge of You and of Your thoughts and of Your ways 6.44



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