all cities, towns and villages in Saskatchewan are invited!

in and publish and out at 5.28 am, Tuesday, 17.03.2015



ask yourself:

am I ready and am I fully prepared to openly receive

what is now actually possible in the way of better health, better wellness and life?


*edit, caveat, fyi, just so you know, if you’ve got an attitude you’re stuck real good

or actually in truth and in fact, you are stuck real bad

and there is nothing to discuss

5.55 am


content added 6.21 to 6.31 am, two *edits,

are we looking at all of the causes of an illness, a disease or an injury or just some and are we considering each and every one of the contributing factors or do we ignore even a small but important part ( or a *HUGE part ) of the big picture? *6.47

do we want healing and permanent cures or are we content to live with all of the growing number of problems ’cause we accept temporary relief and band aid solutions

these are choices that we make work or choices that we choose to ignore < 6.40 am >



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