total relief from your chronic back pain may be possible . . . > . . >>> . . soon!?

it is now 3.17 am, Tuesday, 17.03.2015.

No more back pain, ever again.

think about “it”



“do you want permanent relief from all of that pain?”

“if you suffer from chronic back pain now and again or more or less all of the time, do you hope for relief?”

Yes or No?

it is actually your choice to make or your choice to ignore.

to share with you what I understand about this matter, most back pain is caused by poor posture which together with incorrect exercise leads to muscle dysfunction which in turn causes us to use and move our body wrong in many ways and this leads to the chronic pain.

Yes, there is some key detail to master.

we ignore the correct natural body movement and chronic back pain is the price we pay.

care to see a simple demonstration of this from a very active old man with no back pain

publish post and sign out at 3.43 am


what all is needed to accomplish this healing?

the correct information, the correct understanding of the causes and the cure together with a willingness to change and a determined willingness to apply the understanding.

in and out again at 4.03 am

4.11 am *edit, this content added: you may want to include a large dumpster to hold all of the garbage information you may have to sort through to get to the truth *


4.33 am *edit, there is lots of truth, but the truth we need here is the truth that *applies


4.44 am *edit,   what do the first three dots represent?                  . . . >

then, what do the next two dots represent?                                             . . . > . .

> let’s not waste any more valuable time, let’s cut to the chase!, update and out,4.49 am


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