if you hope to make just one change or several changes work for you, ask, and God willing, I’ll help you do it!


in and out at 7.19 am, Thursday, March 19th, 2015



What all do you hope to accomplish?

> refocus! > renew! > restore! > much more than that!

> do you suffer from an excruciating chronic back pain?

> you are concerned that Alzheimer dementia is stalking you!

> your home is getting too much for you to handle now and you would like to de clutter, to organize and to downsize to more appropriate, ideal, to customized accommodation.


*edit 7.39 am, remember this, if it is too much for you and if it is too much for you and I together, please know this, that it is Never too much for God,

if and when we . . . >  . . ask in faith and believe, then receive and willingly obey.  – this * edit added at 7.47 am.

* this content edit added 8.22 am ,  and of course, *finally it sinks in . . . > . .  >>> we must learn how to do things HIS WAY and with His Spirit. update and out at 8.26 am


this content edit added at 8.05 am, in the view of this older guy, Change, from a single minor change to multiple major changes is the new frontier, so why not be among the first to learn how to do “it” right and better yet learn how to do “it” righteously

Yes, you can learn how at any age and at any stage!

Yes, you can overcome any and all difficulties!

Yes, you can do “it”!

Yes, you can!

8.20 am


* finally it sinks in, this edit added, 9.39 pm, 19.03.2015. Thank You Father for guiding me to all truth right down to the finest detail.


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