take note folks! * this is a very very special post for mindful Canadians!

in at 8.05 pm, Thursday, 19.03.2015

if you want to help yourself,

if you really want to help other people,

if you want to learn how to save $Billions in health care costs

please pay very close attention to the content and to the drift of this post.

There seems to be this flawed assumption that if good quality information is given out or spoken once that understanding of the content is automatic and that people will know and understand how to apply the information accurately and will know what to do and when to do it in all situations and in all circumstances without any further instruction, without demonstration, without supervision, without correction, without fine tuning.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is just one of many serious flaws that can be overcome

There seems to be this collateral assumption that bad attitudes and bad habits will automatically be eliminated and replaced with good attitudes and all of the good habits required and the results will be ideal in all cases.

add to this a little known fact that an idea may have to be held for 10 to 20 seconds before it will be imprinted and that if there are 20 key steps in achieving a particular change that each key step in the process must be given the 10 to 20 seconds required.

The potential is great but not realized when presenters talk a mile a minute and provide neither the time nor the full detail for each step in a new complicated process requiring changes in understanding, in attitude, in motivation and in behavioural habits.

people can be set up to overcome and helped to succeed or allowed to flounder and fail

What is our choice as individuals?

What is our choice as a Canadian Society?

As of 21:05:59, there are 35, 648,762 Canadians.

we can help many people who do need help much more than we do!

will we actively help these people who do need our help or will we hinder them?

actively and/or passively

I see many easy ways to help.

will you invest the time to gain the understanding discussed here?

and then apply “it”

to help yourself and your family?

to help others as much as is possible?

out at 8.55 pm.


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