know this ladies and gentelemen, there is a more excellent way to be in health

sign in at 8.34 am, Tuesday, 24.03.2015

Yes, I believe it is true that

there is a much more excellent way to be in health

and soon, God willing, “it” will be shown to those who can believe fully!


but, are you ready to look at the BIG problem and the easy solution?

are you ready to change your very bad attitude?

all of those incorrect habits of a lifetime?

all of your stinking thinking?

and other things?

publish and out at 8.43 am


you and I,

all of us have a choice,

we can choose to stay stuck

or learn how to make all of the necessary *corrections

do you know now how to make any of the required changes?

(change), (change),[change], [change], <change> and <change>

9.23 am, 24.03.2015

when will you get started?

when do you want to begin to learn how to make changes that will work for you?

there are many rewards and there are great benefits and there are eternal blessings!

9.25 am, 24.03.2015


f y i   * content edit, 9.39 am 24.03.2015 the necessary *corrections must be made         1/, in God’s timing < Philippians 2:13 >                                                                           2/, with Holy Spirit guidance < John 16:13 >                                                                   3/, and in the power and strength of Jesus < Ephesians 6:10, Philippians 4:13 >

9.55 am, 24.03.2015


8.07am, 25.03.2015

who will review and do Colossians Chapter 3 with me today?



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