who will “test the waters” with me?

in at 5.31.am, 24.03.2015, Wednesday, March 25th, 2015,

I believe that

I’m ready for change.

yes, at 79, I still learn lots

and I’m ready for the bigger changes.

and I do practice lots and I do apply what I learn!

But what is right? and more importantly and key, what is righteous?

all my life, as a youth, as an adult, as an older adult, as a senior and even now I will soon be past 80 and soon I’ll be an elder, I have tried to be active and productive.

I now see and I realize that much of my best efforts were in vain and I missed the best .

I now recognize there is a better way and would like to explore “it” to some extent.

and there is a more excellent way to live and I would like to explore “it” fully.

5.55 am, 25.03.2015


and then share with others because I am being taught how to care <spiritually>

6.11 am, 25.03.2015


6.25 am, 25.03.2015

in terms of the big challenge to achieving change, I see many people as “territorial” who establish and protect their very own special kingdoms. There are fears within and fighting s and wars without.      > see Luke 12:51,52, 2 Corinthians 7:5 and James 4:1

6.36 am, 25.03.2015


who understands today’s message?

who understands why the times were recorded in this post?

6.52 am, 25.03.2015



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