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5.43 pm 30.04.2015

I’m attempting something new today  > I will review last months postings and make comments which are potentially useful.

5.49 pm



say no to candy and coconut cream pie and say yes to doing stairs daily!

2.35 pm, 30.04.2015

who in their early 60’s to late seventies is ready to be healthy and well and 10 to 20 years younger than others your same age?

it is much easier to accomplish than most people realize.

want to give it a try this spring or this summer?

help set a new trend for seniors!

help break the ice!

be a big winner!




what is involved?                                                                                             _______level one: > good food and easy exercise;                                    ________ level two: > restful sleep, peace and joy;                                   __________  level three: > happiness and a much better way to socialize



” Canada, let’s hear it for our current Golden Health Care Opportunity!”

8.34 am, 30.04.2015,

What is it?

What is this opportunity?

And, why is only available currently?

> we have questions and questions and questions.

> BUT we lack the answers and we lack the solutions and we lack the cure.


because, because, because, because and because

it is simple cause and effect

we know lots, but we understand very little

if and when      >>   >>>  then

if and when  < what  >_________________________________________  then

BUT NOT   > ///// ?  > ////////  ?  > //////////////////////////// ?  > ///////////////////////////////////// ?

only if and when >,  >>  and  >>>, >>>   then it is simple to explain and easy to fix

do you see it or are you still confused?

“who is ready and willing to change their thinking, beliefs, attitudes and habits?”

8.49 am


I woke up today feeling very Very VERY SAD

6.59 am, 30.04.2015,

why was I so sad earlier this morning?

if we were together for even a few minutes, I would be told right away what to say

if you have been seriously seeking God < Hebrews 11:6 > but now for one reason or another you are stuck, bogged down and discouraged, and you want to talk to someone sympathetic and understanding, we could get together briefly < Matthew 18:19-20 >


Sorry, but until you and I are on the same page and in the same book, we will not connect and we can not communicate.

I woke up very sad… I stayed in bed and I asked and I prayed for clarification and it came over the next 5 hours.  And more is coming.      Thank You Father, Thank You Lord Jesus.

very interesting indeed………………but now my heart is filling up with peace and with joy!



after I opened up a new post today, immediately, wordpress was not responding

I switched and did a different search which worked fine, so I waited patiently.

the sunrise was blah this morning


if you are sad too

and if you do have the time

to learn how to make changes

read Matthew 6:33 and Colossians 3:1,2

if health and wellness and eternal life does interest you

if you are wondering what you should do about Canada’s golden opportunity

8.21 am,


“Sir, Ma’am,” “How are you today?”


5.50, 29.04.2015,


” I feel jussst AWESOME myself, thanks!”

my day started at 4.44 am with a powerful scripture waiting for me:

knowledge puffeth up, but charity edifieth

looked up knowledge and edifieth in my Strongs

the verse I was given is 1 Corinthians 8:1

after I got that far,  I thought about how correct this message is for Canada’s Health Care System and how Romans 8:2 is a perfect fit for God’s people.


you believe or you do not, but the point is this, that you are now at the very end of your rope it seems.

You have a major illness or a chronic disease or many health problems and wellness issues which are troubling you and you are ready to talk to someone new about what more you can do more.

You are  sick and tired of being sick and tired

and/or your funds are short

or are getting short



would you go so far as to say that you are even at your wits end!

please don’t be offended with me, but that may be a very good thing for you, because      now you can decide to turn to God with all of your heart.

and the good news is, if you choose to, God’s Holy Spirit will guide you.

6.34 am


if you are ready to bite the bullet                                                              if you are willing to make some changes                                                                        and if you are game to do many new things


to start, take the time to read Colossians 3:1,2 and 8

> if the shoe fits ….will we wear it?

uhhmmm, yesterday, I bought two new books, one on the topic of Alzheimer care and the other book on how to de clutter.

7.47 am



it is our choice


I’m  believing that as we learn to listen for the truth with our heart and then as we quickly respond quickly with more and more mercy and with more and more love, then

> . . . // . . . . . ///// . . . . . . . . . . //////////, if we forsake our ways and forsake our thoughts

> > . . > > > . . . . . . > > >    +++++,              <++> 

8.06 am


here is something to chew on, along with our health and wellness problems, we have too much space and too much clutter. consider this our opportunity to be blessed!!!!

I am seeing an opportunity for a major breakthrough and the opportunity for a breakout

8.14 am

if you are not too busy, please review with me today’s post, yesterday’s post

and Ephesians 4:3



7.10 am, 28.04.2018,


1 Corinthians 13:2

and have not charity, I am nothing.



tap dripping in the kitchen ( may need a new washer)

7.14 am



read John 5:44

> do you see? > do you understand with your heart? > does it apply to you?

it is an easy mistake to make.

*this edit added, 4.49 am, 03.05.2015



read James 1:21-24    a time or two or until you see and understand.

ask yourself, what must you and I not do and learn to do perfectly to not be deceived?

**this edit added, 5.05 am, 03.05.2015,