> declutter > organize > downsize > Restore and prepare to do more

256 am, Sunday, 12.04.2015,

it was a pattern > each and every item which should have been given away

or thrown away

was stuffed into a box without a label

and put into long term storage

in my room

until now that is ….

BUT now I can do what I failed to do previously

and I believe I have actually made considerable progress already

first > much needed memory training for seniors and elders

next > where is my computer and charge cord?, where is the charger for the cell phone? and where is this? and where is that?

then > I reclaim the floor space to do exercises any time it suits me!…….aaah!

3.39 am,,


I now see opportunity to make beneficial ( physical changes ), [ emotional and social changes ], [ very important interpersonal changes ] and then < we can seek to learn to overcome > and then at the same time <  we can choose to seek to learn to make many beneficial spiritual changes in many ways on several key levels >

4.20 am, 12/04/2015


I see a GREAT opportunity to help many Canadians of all ages in many ways.

4.24 am, 12/04/2015.


I see where I can help myself and help others too

5.43 am, 12/04/2015.


Yes, I reclaimed 7 feet of wall space and floor space 6 feet out from the wall.

* edit/ this content was added 7.23am, Tuesday, 21,04.2015


* edit/content added: God willing, Canada/Canadians, please allow me the opportunity to demonstrate for every Canadian, what Canadians of all ages can easily learn to do without any cost, to remain healthy in their 50s, and 60s, and 70s and hopefully in their 80s and 90s.  5.33-5.43am, 23.04.2015.



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