I have 65 Bibles to be given away on a first come first served basis

4.56 am,14.04.2015

there is a story that goes with them.

these are Gideon Bibles to be given away.

AND this way, you and I can more easily be on the same page:

> . . . ,  > . . ,   >> . . .,     >>> . . . ,         >>>

healing comes in steps ……and in stages …..over time……..

if and when we ……..continue  ……………moving …………………..forward

in strong faith with great patience and without any fear

5.23 am

we do learn when to say Yea, yea and we will learn when to say Nay, nay.

5.32 am


5.55 am to 6.05am > windy and chilly, no stars but a sliver of moon > clouds on the horizon where the sun is preparing to come up beautiful shades of pink and red 6.07 just about popping up now, > if I was set up, I would show you a video of it.


6.13 am, the sun is now reflecting off windows in a house across the lake. The ice is starting to break up and some water is collecting here and there.


“Can I pray with you for your healing?”

6.23 am,


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