“Good Morning, Canada!” “The start of another beautiful day!”

6.30 am, 16.04.2015

by 6.15 the sun was up and bright and there were no clouds in the sky this morning

There is more open water on the lake today and there were two duck swimming in one of the open spots.

Who has 1-5 minutes to share with me how they are and to hear from me how I am.

published this much at 6.39 am

I do have several projects on the go, so

I’m working on several to do lists for today and for the next few days.

> how to actually de clutter, organize and downsize to that perfect size

> what to do in order to choose health and wellness and life for life

> we are told to by love to serve one another

* if we are on the path of life but each of us is at a different place in our walk,

> how do you and I > implement Galatians 5;13-14 to Galatians 6:9-10

> when are we prepared and ready to > manage Ephesians 4:3?

7.00 am



“How’s it going with you today?”

If you want healing and if you are hoping for health, the very first step is to open up to yourself and then open up to one other person.

If it is true that you are hoping for healing and for health for yourself or for even one other person, for a family member or a friend or a neighbor, I encourage you to believe that God our Father in heaven wants you and I to turn to Him and to ask Him in faith and to ask in Jesus Name for healing.

Who does see what I see?

and who agrees?

> it is time

for us


and collectively

> to do the word,  to do the work    AND to do the Father’s will.

updated at 7.57 am.

*edit > who will read with me 2 Corinthians 6:16 through to 7:5

8.34 am,


I just got asked: “How are you today?”

my answer was “I’m having a great day!” but there was no conversation.

It seems to me that we are very polite with one another, but there are big separations and gaps and there is little meaningful communication.

Further, it also seems to me that if we were wise, we would get to know one another well and we would seek to learn from God how to by love serve one another.

Who will risk taking time today to read with me James 5:16? and 1 John 3:3?

updated at 8.59 am,


“I see that there is still a lot of work for you and I to do



* do you recognize the flaws and faults pointed out above?

* do you see big separations, huge gaps and a GREAT spiritual opportunity?

> again, who will RISK 1-5 minutes to share James 5:16 and 1 John 3:3?

6.30 am, 21.04.2015, *edit, this content added.



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