Thank You Father for sending Cindy into my life when you did!!!

Today’s content published after 7.20 am, 19.04.2015,

Thank You Father, for sending Cindy into my life when You did.

…..someone to share the daily and the hourly revelations and the challenges and the progress!

Today, from 3.33 am to 6.33 am, I experienced what we might call a closure.

. . . actually a physical, emotional, social and spiritual closure all at once.

Father, more of the pieces and more of the essential steps are falling into place and I am receiving essential knowledge and required understanding that is a great help to me and then will be a help for others and hopefully many others who are open to receive what You give to me to give to them.

….if and when a person is ready and is prepared and is open to receive

7.30 am


> we have need for patience

> faith is essential without fear or doubt or wavering

> if and when our hearts turn to the Lord the vail shall be taken away

we are NOW at a turning point and we are ready for a breakthrough,

> if we do what God wants us to do next at this point.

> we are told:

> I the LORD search the heart,

> I try the reins,

> even to give to every man according to his ways,

> and according to the fruit of his doings.

8.03 am,


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