FEAR defeats many Christians, until they . . . , >>.., >…, >>>

5.21 am, 19.04.2015,

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do you recognize when, where and why there is fear in your life?

Is fear a wall, a barrier or a roadblock for you now?

Are you stuck?

Be honest.

Are you missing an essential step or two?

> . . ,   > >. . . ,     > > > . . .

do you want to discuss what believers can do?  < and should do? >

Is FEAR damaging your faith, belief, love for God, trust in God and willingness to do God’s will?

BUT is fear now a real opportunity for you?



how are you today?

…..truthfully, in spirit and in truth, “how are you today?”

…….and if you are seeking God, “where are you on your spiritual journey?”

out again at 5.39 am,

God willing, I’ll be back again with more good news!

5.40 am


I’m available

6.01 am


Are you stuck because of your fears and your FEAR??

6.29 am


if a person lacks total trust in God, they may believe that they must look after themselves and look out for themselves and this weakens their faith.

5.41 am, 21.04.2015, *edit, this content added.



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