I would like to share with anyone interested how to grow younger and stronger well into your 70s and 80s

2.22 pm, Saturday, 25.04.2015



I’m in my last few months as an active senior

and God willing, I’ll become an active elder after October 02, 2015

and then > ,  >>  ,   >>>   ,   >>> based on personal experience

( I can’t underline any more, something I will still do if this program hadn’t changed

I will attempt to articulate, illustrate and demonstrate how to do

many things that can easily be done


if you are willing to participate

blogging on Word Press is at this moment a huge big chore for me

hopefully, we’ll figure how to deal with a system which wants to make unilateral changes almost hourly it seems with no communication…just radical detrimental changes I must content with as best I can and now my computer keys are sticking on top of everything else to compound my frustration with Word Press

The very good news is that I am learning much patience which is a very good thing.

> more later

2.44 pm



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