Who wants physical health and emotional wellness and who hopes for eternal spiritual life?

2.36 am, Sunday, 26.04.2015

hopefully this is the very first posting of a new and exciting series

as a youth, as an adult, as an older adult and now as a senior, I have been seeking and I have been diligently seeking to know God the Father and to know Jesus Christ His Son.

* I believe in my head and in my heart that it is now a very good time to renew and refresh and it is the right time and it is the righteous time to restore!

* it is time to renew physically and to refresh emotionally and to restore spiritually!

who wants more detail








> If you have a Bible, look up Hebrews 11:6 and read ……”and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”

I have been rewarded bountifully for my diligence and I believe that I will be rewarded even more so as I press on.

< which I hope to do diligently, but with some ***important changes >

*** this edit added at 5.35 am  ……                         I was able to sign in, update and sign out easier the last few edits.

Now, if you don’t own a Bible but would like one, I have a supply to give away free.

just ask.

If you want health and wellness and spiritual life > you will need to ask and pray and believe and as the Lord leads > learn what to do and do it and > discover what not to do, but do and do not, both in the Lord’s strength.  Is that clear?

also know this:

chances are good that you will need to change some attitudes and some habits.

but I believe that adults can change and older adults can change and that seniors can change and God willing, I will soon have an opportunity to help verify and confirm that even elders over 80 *can change and **can do what needs to be done to reap the rewards and gain the benefits and receive all of the blessings promised to those who endure.

(   ………………….was able to *edit underline and **edit bold at 4.23 am  )

who is interested in helpful change for themselves and for others?

who has the time to investigate and the desire to explore this healing opportunity?

Word Press has changed their site and operating system so that it is very difficult for me to use lately. it is different every time I attempt to use it.               ……………..patience

each new post is now an investigation and an experiment into what works this time?

( and what doesn’t work anymore because of radical arbitrary changes )

[ typical, they see ONE benefit of a change,  BUT not 99 shortfalls that affect me -ve ly ]

< again there are spiritual benefits I do thank them for the patience and longsuffering >

But I may have to give up Word Press if I hope to implement what I see is needed!

if I can’t get what is needed with Word Press, then, I will have to find another way.

time will tell.

if I could I would     bold   do what needs to be done    in the previous paragraph so please use your imagination and see it that way. Thank you Sir. Thank you Ma’am.

so you know, I use (  ) for physical , [  ] for emotional and < > for spiritual

3.33 am


If you want to ask me how I am today that’s great and it’s even better if you have a few minutes to visit and to review with me today’s post and Psalm 16 and 17.  – 5.01 am.



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