> trouble shooting with expert problem solving > and then asap > back to “business as usual”






How are you today?

“Got a sticky problem?”

“Can’t find the right answer?”

may I/ may we, help you in some way?

AND, in some way, may I serve you < by love > ?

if you allow me to serve you in this very special way, today, this week, this month, or in the near future, it will open a door to more quality help becoming available for others with the same or similar problems and difficulties.

4.55 am


There are better solutions and answers and corrections and cures for most problems and difficulties and we can learn by helping one another in the right way and then much more by helping one another in the “righteous ways”.

You may or may not be aware that there are various physical, emotional, mental, social challenges to face and each has its own lingo and methodology which often leads to communication problems and frustration because people are usually too impatient and not willing to invest the time, because they are “too busy” they say.

there are well known secrets which we can choose to share and we can learn to help one another make the changes which can and will benefit and bless us all.

In the physical, it is known how to delay aging by 10 to 20 years and we do know how to delay most aging issues and it follows that we could easily save Billions of the health care dollars now wasted.




bona fida!


Anyone interested?

Any ……..one person?

Any Province or Territory?

Any city? town? or community?

If you want to discover what is possible, contact me!

God willing, I’m believing that the timing is right to begin

I can purchase a wall map of Canada at Staples for $20.00

Are you aware that there are also difficult relationships and attitude problems galore which require extra effort and patience and faith and love and spiritual know how?

*If and *when you and I are on the same page this far, take a break to read 2 Timothy 3:16-17.                     < *bold edits 6.49 am, Thank You Father, Thank You Lord Jesus >

If you have time to chat after that, read Ezekiel 2:7

and Luke 12:12.

if u see

if we agree

I’m free now.

5.55 am,


> > > . . . . . > > >                         < + + >       

my hope is that soon I will be free indeed!

6.10 am


Ask me how I am today, only if you’ve got an hour to listen, to communicate and to share!

6.17 am



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