I woke up today feeling very Very VERY SAD

6.59 am, 30.04.2015,

why was I so sad earlier this morning?

if we were together for even a few minutes, I would be told right away what to say

if you have been seriously seeking God < Hebrews 11:6 > but now for one reason or another you are stuck, bogged down and discouraged, and you want to talk to someone sympathetic and understanding, we could get together briefly < Matthew 18:19-20 >


Sorry, but until you and I are on the same page and in the same book, we will not connect and we can not communicate.

I woke up very sad…..so I stayed in bed and I asked and I prayed for clarification and it came over the next 5 hours.  And more is coming.      Thank You Father, Thank You Lord Jesus.

very interesting indeed………………but now my heart is filling up with peace and with joy!



after I opened up a new post today, immediately, wordpress was not responding

I switched and did a different search which worked fine, so I waited patiently.

the sunrise was blah this morning


if you are sad too

and if you do have the time

to learn how to make changes

read Matthew 6:33 and Colossians 3:1,2

if health and wellness and eternal life does interest you

if you are wondering what you should do about Canada’s golden opportunity

8.21 am,



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