I invite you and encourage and exhort you to change your life and your lifestyle and to help others do the same

6.36 am, Friday,29.05.2015,

anyone truly interested in health and wellness is invited

anyone sick and tired of being sick and tired is encouraged to participate

sometime today, come with me, briefly, to Isaiah 55:6 and 7,

do you see? do you agree? what have you done about it? have you thought about it? have you taken the required action and accomplished the desired results??

6.46 am


6.55 am, > I met a lady the other day who said: “my past keeps  coming back.”              > what is your story?                 > are you stuck too?


7.00 am,  > …  > ….. > > . . ,  > > > . .,  .. .., … , …. …. > > >  ,   < + + >


7.24 am, > are you motivated and/or inspired or are you driven?

7.25 am, > are you under condemnation or under conviction?

7.27 am, > do you receive the truth?    > see Matthew 10:26


8.02 am, > what is your handicap?

8.03 am, > what are you doing about it for yourself?

8.05 am, > is anyone helping you?      > 8.07 am, > see Galatians 5:13 – 6:10

8.12 am, > do you read Psalm 103:3?    > frequently!       > in faith!

8.20 am, > have you read Isaiah 27:5?              >   recently?


this **edit added June 19th, 2015 at 6.10 am > let us resolve and strive to change in all of the ways that God our Father in heaven expects of his sons and daughters > review with me today 2 Corinthians 6:16 to 8:9 Thank You Father, Thank You Lord Jesus.     6.20 am



when we are frustrated with our life and our lifestyle , with ourselves and with others, what should we do?

*title and *content edits, 6.05 am, 02/06/2015, > we can make the effort to id the barriers and blocks and then seek ways to overcome them rightly and righteously  6.10 am.


6.16 am, Sir, Ma’am, what is troubling you?

what would make life better for you?



8.22 am, Thursday, 28/05/2015

frustrations can become a great blessing to each one of us

hopefully, I will return to this site often to add treasures

> think of every difficulty we face as a challenge      to grow stronger,      as an opportunity to be blessed,              to learn patience

> if the difficulty is technical with equipment or with time management

> particularly if we are having difficulty with another person   > 8.27 am,

> “you and I just won’t go there if and when a topic is taboo.” > 9.00 am,


*title edit 7.55 am, 29/05/2015 life, ourselves and others 7.56 am, or God,

attempting this post at 5.50 am

5.49 am, Thursday, 28/05/2015,

attempting this post at 5.50 am

what is my technical problem? do I have a virus or two? does my computer need a tune up? Is my word press blog acting up on me?  will try to figure it out and get past the aggravation and on into new territory and some challenging and fruitful times ahead.

I would like to introduce “quality” illustrations and short video clips

……………who does understand the following:

…….. > ….. > ….. >> . .. … > > > .  .. .. …. …. > > > ,   < + + >

6.09 am


if you look up in your Strongs: “who healeth all thy diseases”


4.01 am, Thursday, 28/05/2015,

I have a how I am today report ready,

a full and detailed health and wellness report by steps and stages > physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, interpersonally, breakthroughs and breakouts

there may be key blessings just for you and yours

so, how much time do you have?

“10 seconds?”

” a minute or two for sure?”

” ten or twelve minutes if you turn off your cell phone?”


but if you have  no time,  too busy,  you have too much to do,  you are just too ill

                            then God willing I will find someone interested, to share with

Matthew 10:26,  for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.

Matthew 16:19, and I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven::

Psalm 103 and 104, who heal eth all thy diseases;

John 8:32,36   and the truth shall make you free.

If the Son therefore shall           make you free,                    ye shall be free indeed.

4.51 am.


wheh, that posting was a real tussle 5.37 adding  this comment will it post?

did log out and got back in but the posting field is flying all over the map 5.44

it is sad in a way when we go out of our way to make health and wellness so difficult to achieve and such a long, slow, tedious, drawn out process


6.10 am, Wednesday, 27/05/2015,


what am I trying to say today?

I do believe that

* healing could be so simple!

* and health and wellness could be and should be very easy

but we manage to avoid the required steps like the plague.

> I hope and I do pray, each and every day for righteous change

> I  seek and search for the truth about what to do ….>..>>>>>

> I am diligently seeking for God our Father and for Jesus and for truth

6.33 am,


“Father, You tell us to be perfect!”

> where and why and when am I not?

> what am I doing that is obviously sin?

> what am I not doing righteously that is required of me/us?

6.54 am,


“Father, what am I missing? …..in Jesus name I pray!”

6.59 am.


“Father, what am I doing that is unnecessary and distracting? …..in Jesus name I pray!”

7.23 am,


> we are assured that when the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide us into all truth: – John 16:13,    >  “Father, give me ears to hear every word and a heart to willingly obey on every point …..in Jesus name I pray”  7.47 am.                                           > on each point and on every point and in the correct order  >7.57 am.


was off doing a chore when I was told to go to Isaiah 27:5.  < 8.12 am >

“Thank You Father, I praise You and give You honour and glory!!!!”


…..> … >> ..  >>> ..,  .., ..     >>>   < + + >


“Uh huh!,”                                                                                                                          “We turn to everyone else for help, for counsel and advice and assistance with our struggles, but Father,we do not turn to thee.”              “I see that I have been wrong and I am sorry that I make this same error.”    9.00 am –  9.11 am


I see we are thin skinned and sensitive and easily offended and easily annoyed and we make a gigantic effort to protect our ‘selves’ with ‘our’ rules          < 9.50 am  > ouch!  ouch! …..that hurts!…………..that really hurts!!    6.49 am, 28/05/2015


so now, “How am I doing today?” so far

as of 8.12 am, Tuesday, 26/05/2015,

> [   ] > if you only have 10 seconds, say so, and I will have an answer ready for you

> [   ] > if you have one minute or two, I will have a fruitful response prepared and ready

> [   ] > if you are open and honest with yourself and with me, yours truly, Our Father in heaven may very well have several important blessings waiting for you today!

………….I am experiencing breakthroughs on several levels

and  I believe that major breakouts are in process >,  >>>>>, >>>, and  >>>!!!

1, (   physically  ),    and       2,  [  emotionally  ]      and ([ *mentally ]) edit 6.29 am, 02/06/20154.

3 [ **interpersonally ]     4, [ ***socially ]    edit, 6.33 am, 02/06/2015, divine healing will happen if and when there is mercy and compassion shown to others, see Zechariah 7:9 and where and when there is love Galatians 5:13-14  6.44 am. hint, hint, hint and when we do overcome our fears and have the courage and the trust to let go and let God. 6.52 am


if you are ready for real change, review Ephesians 4:3-13 with me for starters and

> [   ] > I invite you and encourage you and exhort you to review Hebrews 10:22-26

myself, I have been busy posting

actively addressing and resolving an important emotional/interpersonal issue

have not started climbing stairs up and down the 120 flights of which I usually do daily

my memory training program is progressing and bearing fruit

8.20 am


> [  4 ] > helped one lady find a band aid for a blister on her foot, thank You Father


> [   ] > please share with me your desire, aim, goal, > [   ] > what do you hope and believe is in store for you?   > [   ] >  would you hope that by reason of use, to have your senses exercised to discern both good and evil? > check out  Hebrews 5:14

> [   ] > do you want to have life and to have it more abundantly?? > check out John10:10

or are you choosing the path that leads to “a gong show” lifestyle?

choose or choose B      or say NO to A and say NO to B  and say yes to    C

10.10 am


now 10.15 am.

> [   ] > 10.32-11.02 am, did 120 flights of stairs which is 1080 steps

8.12 pm, just posted comments about today’s stair climbing > on my last comment everything I had written was gobbled up and vanished > good thing I had written out detailed notes in long hand. > I will add tomorrow sometime. > this may be a wise move for me until the gobbler has been captured and eliminated or exterminated > my stair climbing is energizing and relaxing at the same time too.

8.42 am, 29/05/2015, still too busy to add the “quality” information here. / sorry.


this edit added 6.33 am, 19/06/2015 > there is so much new revelation that it is currently impossible to go back to edit posts for the past 3 and a half weeks. 6.38 am.


God willing, I’m now better prepared and equipped to deal with frivilous: “How are you today?” inquiries.

6.10 am, Tuesday, 26.05.2015,

Thank  You Father, Thank You Lord Jesus for carefully shadowing me.

I do believe that You do want me to succeed mightily.

but I also recognize that I must decide.

when You speak to me, do I listen?

and do I obey

…..,< ….. > …  >> ..  >>> …   right away,

or do I make up some lame excuse like I’m too busy or I’m overworked

6.25 am,        < or worse yet, do I admit that I am ill with a disease 6.59 *edit >


who will read Matthew 6.33 with me?

not too busy?

got time?

6.33 am.

I’m believing for an advanced healing center where people just come and are healed

6.44 am


(because), [because], [because], because and <because>

6.49 am,


who can see what I can and who fully agrees??

6.53 am


and who is willing to do the word, do the work and do the Father’s will???



7.47 am, what is the solution? Well, first, what is the problem?

hint, hint, read Isaiah 6:9,10

hint, read John 12:37 X, 39,40 X , 42,43 X, X .

want more?

need more?

what do you see now? _________________________________

what do you understand better? ___________________________