just a tad short of 9 hours of restful sleep last night for this olde guy

7.27 am, 01.05.2015,

so how did that come about?

how do I explain such a thing?

pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee and pull up a comfortable chair

and I’ll run through the past 12 hours with you.

it is now 7.35 am.

Please don’t get too nervous, but God in Heaven is very busy in my life and in the life of a close friend who I often talk with over the phone.

about 8 o’clock, I started doing more stairs. at 8.40 I gathered up my papers to go to my room but at the top of the stairs I paused and was prompted to find a place to sit and be still and wait by the phone. at 9 o’clock my friend phoned and he was having a rough day, _________________________________but there was a silver lining.

He shared with me experiences from when he was 5 and 6. bad stuff he had never shared before. God is bringing him to a place of healing some very deep wounds.

I shared with him what I was told to tell him.

Praise God for His great Love for us and His patience with us and His long suffering

God believes in us more than we believe in Him, but eventually, if in faith without fear we keep trying, we will get the picture and the correct understanding and we will find the courage to do all what needs to be done to be fully healed and to be set free and to be set free indeed.

> x  x  x , //// >…>>..>>>…..>>>_____do you believe? ____do you believe this is true?

> read John 16 with me       > let us glorify Jesus and to God our Father be the Glory.

…..do you see?

………do you agree with me?

…..do you want health and wellness?

……………do you hope for spiritual eternal life?

seven58 am    my seven is sticking. I kept trying I kept tapping the _, but it isn’t working.

8.00 am


what is doing stairs for me? I go down 4 flights of stairs and then back up to the start.      4 flights down and 4 flights back up is one set. I do 10,15 or 20 sets or more each day.

if you are interested in doing stairs too, ask to be shown what I do at the time to get ready to do stairs so they are easy to do anytime.

I do “remember” exercises as well, for better memory.

in 6 months I will turn 80 and become an elder

8.28 am



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