I lost my title again @7.50am, 18/05/2015 >I will search for the thought that belongs here!

3.05 am, Sunday, 03.05.2015

after two weeks …..

I must be getting very close to saying exactly the right things

the entire title I had on this post vanished a few minutes ago as I attempted an edit

> this is just a little different

> we are told to confess our faults one to another

< then > we are told to pray for one another that we are healed  > see James 5:16

6.51 am, 18/05/2015, again, I’m praying        in faith     without fear and without doubt!!!

Thank You Father!, Thank You Lord Jesus!

I pray for healing for my flaws and faults.

I pray for the healing of others too.

6.55 am,



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