most Canadians could easily make all of the changes required to bring them to health and wellness and life, except…

except  we are stuck and we do not understand why?

we do not see the cause and we lack the know how to effect the cure

because and because and because we are not ready and willing to change

……………>> edit added 6.30 am, 07.05.201, read Philippians 4:13  >….>> . . >>> I can do all things       through         Christ     which strengthen eth me  >>>   <++>   6.36 am

5.05 am  Monday, 04/05/2015

5.29 am, > a very pretty sunrise today. gentle and sweet

who wants to learn how Alzheimer’s disease is prevented and actually help prevent it?

who wants to learn what is needful to totally heal Parkinson’s disease and lend a hand?

who sees what  I see?

who agrees?

am I to proceed alone?

or is it possible for four or five Canadians to agree to change

anyone in Saskatchewan interested in exploring the possibilities?

Is there one person in Saskatchewan who will go the distance?

Canada’s population is said to be 35.5 million

“perhaps 35,543,210 million?”

do you know that we badly misinformed and that we resist the truth with a passion.

we are to speak the truth in love, but we prefer we make up stories and tell lies.

*this edit added 7.57 am > if Canadians are deceived and are too busy, much too busy to stop and think about spiritual truth and realty, too preoccupied with the world and things of the world and caught up in taking pleasure in carnal affections and lusts.

……… then what do we do   ……….    that is very foolish and not  wise

we grill our chicken with butter and add gobs of margarine to our mashed potatoes

“tastes so good!”, “so yummy in the tummy!” but what is happening to our brain cells?

as we “savour our delicious suppers” do we think about how much we increase the risk of long term disability and chronic disease?

what can I say and what can I do, to help you, if you don’t know and when you don’t care to know?    no time to listen and learn.  no desire to change.  no passion to do the right thing       no zeal to do the righteous word, the work and the will of God the Father.

Father, what am I to say and do?

will Canadians hear or will they forbear?

who will stop and read Ezekiel 2:7 with me today?

6.30 am,


Thank You Father, Thank You Lord Jesus

6.33 am


Today, what do I say, if and when someone asks me “How are you today?”

I do have much to say.

I feel “fine” is not a suitable answer.

but Father, what do You want me to say and do today?

I do hope in some way by love to serve that person who asks me “How I am today?”

6.54 am


7.01am, we need to abide in Jesus by faith which work eth by love but, not just love  perfect love > fyi  > so we do know the truth > this*edit added > perfect love casteth out fear > do we have time to invest a minute to look at Galatians 5:6 and 1 John 4:16


are there two or three in Saskatchewan? Are there five in all of Canada? who will invest a moment to look at Galatian 5:6 and a minute to comprehend 1 John 4:16 and then willing and able to do the word 1 John 1:7 and do the work of Ephesians 4:3 and 4:15.

7.49 am

My Bible tells me that all things are possible to him that believeth.

8.23 am.


I believe.



we have need of patience, read Hebrews 10:36, BUT we lack patience.

who is willing to change?

who is NOT willing to change?

who is waffling and who is double minded?

we can’t have it both ways

if you want health and if you want wellness and if you want eternal life, please stop and listen carefully…….you must change in many ways……….and you must learn how to change and how to change     ………….right…………………and righteously       and      ………perfectly.

9.02 am


not just particular, but          ……>..>>..>>>…>>>………..<++> ……perfect!

who sees what I see?

9.36 am.


10.23 am, Yes, we need perfect faith and patience and we must have repentance toward God < Acts 20.21 > and sorrow after a godly manner helps < 2Cor 7:9,10 >


10.55 am, acknowledge our iniquity Jeremiah 3:13 and confess our sins  1 John 1:9


10.56   Job said: “I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes.”


10.59 am, we must crucify the flesh and walk in the Spirit and in Christ


there is much tribulation and a furnace of affliction


1.33 pm, what all do we need to understand in our heart about justified by works and not by faith only > > > read James 2:24     1.35pm



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