“California, what is wrong with you people?…….

………and what is wrong with the rest of us?”

”            ……………..Canada, what is seriously wrong with us?”

8.49 am, Wednesday, 06.05.2015

if it is true that there is only one year water supply still available in California?

California, when will you recognize that  you have a problem!

Canada, when will we recognize that we have a very big problem too!

God willing,

if I’m still here after a time and still functional with all of my faculties in tact:

today, I offer a standing invitation to California to share with you what I know so far and what I am learning new every day about the solution to such a disaster.  9.05 am

just looked up the population of California 2014> 38.8 million, or 38,802,500.

the population of all of Canada is just a little smaller at 35.5 million.    9.30 am.


9.56 am hint, hint, >  trace the American history of “in God we trust”.

9.58, hint,               > read Isaiah 42.22 and Isaiah 58           9.59am


9.05 to 9.58 am,                          > see Luke 12.12, For the Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what ye ought to say.                          >  as of 10.10 am,


10.15 am, here is a bonus, if you are seriously interested in the solution and can and will bite your lip > read John 16:13  >> when he the Spirit of truth is come > 1,2,3,4,


11.25 am, hint, hint, hint  >   read   >   Dt. 28:1-10, Dt. 30:19,20 and Jeremiah 17:5



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