Father, there were none in Isaiah’s day to stir themselves to take hold of thee, and none to do Thy will to restore, BUT could there be one or more in 2015 and many more in 2016

4.40am Thursday, 07.05.2015   “today is O-seven!”

444 * title edit Father,

448** 2nd title edit and none to do Thy will,

450*** 3rd title edit or many

456 **** 4th title edit to restore

500 ***** 5th title edit in 2015    and in 2016

>>      now for some  content:

5.30 am, read Isaiah 64:7 and Isaiah 42:22 for information

5.33 am, read with me 1 John 1:9            If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness

5.38 am, who gets the picture?

5.39 am, who understands fully with their heart and is ready and willing                             to be converted?    ……..”and I should heal them.”  > see John 12:40   5.41am

………………anything you want to say or do??            5.45 am

>> content edit > the choice is ours to make, folks!  April 27, 2015 post. 5.54 am,

6.07 am, who desires change? >> two seniors? one elder? older adults? adults? youth?

6.10 am, ……………..who sees and understands the meaning of this symbol    >>

6.54 am, * > edit > content added to May 4th, 2015 post      ….. most Canadians could easily make all of the necessary changes  ..with a little >> well presented information…..


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