young adults, older adults, seniors and elders are invited to join in > discover how to easily grow stronger and then younger and stay healthy and keep fit

>8.05 am, 17.05.2015, 8.07am,

Who is game?

……my view is …

Canada needs role models  …..

it is time to participate enthusiastically    …..

demonstrate what can easily be done with very little effort   …..

I suspect that there are very minimal changes required which will be so much easier to accomplish and much easier to maintain than most have ever believed before.

….so who is game?

all 35.5 million plus Canadians are invited!

…..but, who is game to be a 2015/2016 spiritual Canadian pioneer?

>… >> ..  >>>   be strong and be of good courage and put aside all of your fears

…..volunteer to become that “qualified” role model in your town and in your community

8.40 am,

….. if you are ready to make extra effort to be ready, . . . . . then,  what must you do?

…..1, 2, 3, 4, 5 . . . . . and more?

9.54 am.

….. let me repeat, my view is that Canada needs community volunteers who will make the extra effort to become “qualified” role models to demonstrate healthy lifestyle choices for the people living in that city, that town, that village, their community.

…..or bring some one in to visit the community once a month or so as a model.

10.23 am


point * we talk much too much!

and point** we do too little, far too little!

10.38  am,

point *** we ought to talk less and do more!!

11.38 am,


5.20 am, 18/0/2015,

we must learn to do more of the “right” stuff and much more of the “righteous” stuff,

and we must choose not to do the wrong stuff.

< in the Lord’s strength >

not in our strength!

5.29 am,



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