Guideline title: Stroke rehabilitation in Canada: best practice recommendations for stroke care

Lindsay M. P., Dec 8, 2010, p99-128, Canadian Stroke Network

* the plan was to update the recommendations every two years which is to say 2012 and 2014 and soon again in 2016.

** is this doable? and is this easily doable?

one of the comments that got my attention was the suggestion of improved arm and hand skill for independence.

> specific detail would be helpful!

> in your expert opinion and experience, what are the BEST practices?

> God willing,  in my last 4 months as a senior, before turning 80 in October, I started carrying a 12 Kg Kettle bell up and down some of the 120 flights of stairs I climb daily.

> just two days has made a very great difference!

>  I will look seriously at other upgrades!

5.33 pm,


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