life is about to become a GiANT Gong Show for most Canadians, from an unpleasant lifestyle to a highly toxic, difficult, crazy and hostile way of life

4.56 am. Friday, 22/05/2015,

what do you see?

do you see what I see?

“How many 35.5 million Canadians from coast to coast see what I see?

…..with more and More and MORE people bending and breaking the rules

….got time to ask me how I am today, ready to stop and willing to visit a bit?

do Canada’s 35.5 million residents clearly see and understand what is going wrong?

“BUT WHY and what to do about this, that and the other?”

“What is the point?”

“What is the direct cause?”

“AND what is the solution, the remedy and the cure???”

worse yet is the fact that many do not know the answer and really do not care,  XX

……do you have anything constructive or helpful to say?

like mine, your options and your choices are A, B and/or C.

you and I ought to tighten up our seat belts and pick our side

> [   ] > what do you want?

> [   ] > do you know that what you need is

life and lifestyle information about what to do and how to do stuff right and righteously

5.57 am


6.26 am, *a key edit was added to the May 19th post “day three is a breeze!”


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