listen up and receive this or save your breath to cool your porridge

2.22 am, 25/05/2015

do it this way…

do this the way it works

listen  and receive and respond

or save your breath to cool your porridge

> [   ] > who remembers Marilla speaking this to Matthew?

so why waste your energy and why waste my time by you doing it wrong …

I was asked to carry an item from one location to another location. Easy to do, but I needed 3 bits of information, each requiring only 10-20 second visual framing > total time needed 30-60 seconds, but the information is needed as 3 simple components in the correct order consecutively as I processed it visually in my mind and not jumbled and not scrambled.  This is not rocket science. Rocket science would be easier.

2.24 am when I wrote this out by hand and decided to get up to post it while it was fresh

3.45 am, it was worth the effort and worth giving up the sleep > got 9 hours yesterday.

I am perceived as difficult to very difficult by many and even impossible by some, but that is O.K. because I believe that GOD has a BIG JOB for me to do pdq for 35.5 million Canadians and maybe 38.8 million Californians. < and *furthermore,  I believe that God  is preparing me and getting me ready to do something amazing for His Glory 4.17am >

> [   ] > being able to listen closely > and able to receive fully > and still able to respond without getting nasty and mean and all bent out of shape  ………  < aaah! 4.21 am! >

………………………..aaaaaah!, who can do it?

……………………………….who can say no to BS!    >.. >>…and shout YES   to   the truth!

”   can you do it ? 


is not only helpful ….. and useful ….. and important ….. BUT it is critical, so, suck it up.

…..anyone listening? …..anyone want to help?   …….any thing you want to say?             ………………….. …….anything you need to say?

…………..I’m looking for a teen y tiny place to work in and to start working from ….room for a bulletin board… for a wall map of Canada…..some way of chatting with folks from here and from there, anywhere, every where across this nation from coast to coast

…..I’ll find a jig saw puzzle with one thousand pieces and invite people in to work on it!

……………….this one visual will actually say more than 100,000 fancy words.

…….I’ll find a small table with space for 2 to 4 chairs so that if and when someone asks me “how I am today?” and then actually has 1 to 5 minutes to actually chat openly

4.54 am,


Again, God willing, I am believing for an advanced healing center where people just come for healing > [   ] > posted 7.10 am, 19.05.2015 post title: “day three is a breeze” and reposted today, Sunday, 24.05.2015, 5.11 am,

> [   ] > in my mind’s eye, I see saving ten Billion Dollars in Health Care Costs as being “a piece of cake” as the saying goes!         > [   ] > Seriously, who wants to do it? Let’s talk…….”turkey”, ………but, “NO B. S.”,           > [   ] > Let a few of us roll up our sleeves!

> what will I do, if no one steps up to the plate?

> I’ll start by reading Luke 12:12 and 12.31f

6.03 am,



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