would it be better if I were to back off, ease up, ease off and if I were to make the effort to be much less particular?

8.24 am, 24/05/2015,

some of my friends may wish that of me, but think this through

are you inspired to do what is righteous or are you driven to comply with instructions?

that would depend on who you want to please in this world? > yourself? > mankind in general? > some person in a position with power?  > or God our Father in heaven?

do you see every thing I see? do you see much of what I see? do you see partially?

…..are we on the same page of the same book or are we in two different books?

8.45 am


God willing, I will have more and More and MORE to say day by Day by DAY

* this comment added 5.50 am, Monday, 25/05/2015



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