“How am I today?” > if and when you have a minute or two or three, I’ll share with you > fully > openly > truthfully

7.17 am, 25/05/2015



I do have much to share.

I’m not trying to be mean to you,

I do have much to share about “the good life”

……….and what all to do ( ), [   ], [            ],  …………….to get there < + + > asap.

but I am hoping to be open and honest and forthright.

> [   ] > my days are more and More and MORE filled with *perfect peace and *JOY

7.22 am, 25/05/2015


> [   ] > I’m just not into making up “fancy” stories and telling lies.

* if distortion is what you want, why not say so,

> and save us both the aggravation!

* if that is what you want, sorry.



8.22 am,

now, if you care to and if you are so inclined …..

take one extra minute and read John 10:10 with me,

I am come that they might have life,

and that they might have it more abundantly

and             even as senior               and/or       even as an elder

* 8.33 am, but if you are just too busy and any more is too much, I’ll hold back …..



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