so now, “How am I doing today?” so far

as of 8.12 am, Tuesday, 26/05/2015,

> [   ] > if you only have 10 seconds, say so, and I will have an answer ready for you

> [   ] > if you have one minute or two, I will have a fruitful response prepared and ready

> [   ] > if you are open and honest with yourself and with me, yours truly, Our Father in heaven may very well have several important blessings waiting for you today!

………….I am experiencing breakthroughs on several levels

and  I believe that major breakouts are in process >,  >>>>>, >>>, and  >>>!!!

1, (   physically  ),    and       2,  [  emotionally  ]      and ([ *mentally ]) edit 6.29 am, 02/06/20154.

3 [ **interpersonally ]     4, [ ***socially ]    edit, 6.33 am, 02/06/2015, divine healing will happen if and when there is mercy and compassion shown to others, see Zechariah 7:9 and where and when there is love Galatians 5:13-14  6.44 am. hint, hint, hint and when we do overcome our fears and have the courage and the trust to let go and let God. 6.52 am


if you are ready for real change, review Ephesians 4:3-13 with me for starters and

> [   ] > I invite you and encourage you and exhort you to review Hebrews 10:22-26

myself, I have been busy posting

actively addressing and resolving an important emotional/interpersonal issue

have not started climbing stairs up and down the 120 flights of which I usually do daily

my memory training program is progressing and bearing fruit

8.20 am


> [  4 ] > helped one lady find a band aid for a blister on her foot, thank You Father


> [   ] > please share with me your desire, aim, goal, > [   ] > what do you hope and believe is in store for you?   > [   ] >  would you hope that by reason of use, to have your senses exercised to discern both good and evil? > check out  Hebrews 5:14

> [   ] > do you want to have life and to have it more abundantly?? > check out John10:10

or are you choosing the path that leads to “a gong show” lifestyle?

choose or choose B      or say NO to A and say NO to B  and say yes to    C

10.10 am


now 10.15 am.

> [   ] > 10.32-11.02 am, did 120 flights of stairs which is 1080 steps

8.12 pm, just posted comments about today’s stair climbing > on my last comment everything I had written was gobbled up and vanished > good thing I had written out detailed notes in long hand. > I will add tomorrow sometime. > this may be a wise move for me until the gobbler has been captured and eliminated or exterminated > my stair climbing is energizing and relaxing at the same time too.

8.42 am, 29/05/2015, still too busy to add the “quality” information here. / sorry.


this edit added 6.33 am, 19/06/2015 > there is so much new revelation that it is currently impossible to go back to edit posts for the past 3 and a half weeks. 6.38 am.



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