it is sad in a way when we go out of our way to make health and wellness so difficult to achieve and such a long, slow, tedious, drawn out process


6.10 am, Wednesday, 27/05/2015,


what am I trying to say today?

I do believe that

* healing could be so simple!

* and health and wellness could be and should be very easy

but we manage to avoid the required steps like the plague.

> I hope and I do pray, each and every day for righteous change

> I  seek and search for the truth about what to do ….>..>>>>>

> I am diligently seeking for God our Father and for Jesus and for truth

6.33 am,


“Father, You tell us to be perfect!”

> where and why and when am I not?

> what am I doing that is obviously sin?

> what am I not doing righteously that is required of me/us?

6.54 am,


“Father, what am I missing? … Jesus name I pray!”

6.59 am.


“Father, what am I doing that is unnecessary and distracting? … Jesus name I pray!”

7.23 am,


> we are assured that when the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide us into all truth: – John 16:13,    >  “Father, give me ears to hear every word and a heart to willingly obey on every point … Jesus name I pray”  7.47 am.                                           > on each point and on every point and in the correct order  >7.57 am.


was off doing a chore when I was told to go to Isaiah 27:5.  < 8.12 am >

“Thank You Father, I praise You and give You honour and glory!!!!”


…..> … >> ..  >>> ..,  .., ..     >>>   < + + >


“Uh huh!,”                                                                                                                          “We turn to everyone else for help, for counsel and advice and assistance with our struggles, but Father,we do not turn to thee.”              “I see that I have been wrong and I am sorry that I make this same error.”    9.00 am –  9.11 am


I see we are thin skinned and sensitive and easily offended and easily annoyed and we make a gigantic effort to protect our ‘selves’ with ‘our’ rules          < 9.50 am  > ouch!  ouch! …..that hurts!…………..that really hurts!!    6.49 am, 28/05/2015



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