when we are frustrated with our life and our lifestyle , with ourselves and with others, what should we do?

*title and *content edits, 6.05 am, 02/06/2015, > we can make the effort to id the barriers and blocks and then seek ways to overcome them rightly and righteously  6.10 am.


6.16 am, Sir, Ma’am, what is troubling you?

what would make life better for you?



8.22 am, Thursday, 28/05/2015

frustrations can become a great blessing to each one of us

hopefully, I will return to this site often to add treasures

> think of every difficulty we face as a challenge      to grow stronger,      as an opportunity to be blessed,              to learn patience

> if the difficulty is technical with equipment or with time management

> particularly if we are having difficulty with another person   > 8.27 am,

> “you and I just won’t go there if and when a topic is taboo.” > 9.00 am,


*title edit 7.55 am, 29/05/2015 life, ourselves and others 7.56 am, or God,


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