moving in on unrepented sin, ….. God’s way > _____, _____, _____

7.24 am, 25.06.2015,

if you are ready and willing to tell your story,

I have a length of cord to use to illustrate the process to follow

we will _____, _____,_____

7.27 am,



learn to make good, Better and then the BEST choices of all!

5.24 am, Thursday, 25.06.2015,


5.34 am, > take stock > evaluate yourself on each key level > learn to assess 1/ what you say and 2/ what you do and 3/ what you do not do.

who can see and understand and who can    and who will apply   this?

ask yourself > is this right? > is this righteous? > is this wrong? > is it sinful and wicked and unrighteous???


edit, 6.08 am, remember > be perfect Matthew 5:48, > in all points tempted Hebrews 4:15, > one sin and guilty of all James 2:10,  > if know to do good and doeth it not to him it is sin James 4:17 > check it out and choose to be not slothful, nor high minded. …..psssst …>>> < in the Lord’s strength >

also, read Jeremiah 17: 5,9.10,11,17 and Ezekiel 3:20


if you are backslidden, > read Jeremiah 3:13,14,21,22

5.42 am,


if you have chosen life, thank and praise God and look carefully today at Hebrews 12:2, Titus 1:16, Titus 2:14,15 and James 2:22

5.59 am,


*6.26 am, check out the promises of Isaiah 64:4,5  and 2 Corinthians 6:16,17,18  look at the hope 1 John 3:3  > come, be still, relax and let us review together our individual struggles and Revelation 3:10 – 22


* 6.29 am, seek those things above where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God    > set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth


**this edit added 8.57 am, you choose to murmur and complain and moan and groan and find fault or you can choose to express genuine gratitude and give God and Jesus your praise and give them honour and glory

at some point, we all need to hear this or read all about it!

6.13 am, Wednesday, 24.06.2015,

if we choose to, we can have eternal life, but there are stipulations

be perfect, be holy, no sin is allowed not even one, just one and we are guilty of all and to know to do good and not do it, that too is a sin.

We soon discover if we don’t already know it, that we have a man of sin within who must go and a carnal nature which must be totally destroyed and more.

so how is this accomplished when none are righteous and all have sinned and continue to sin?

if you desire to know and if you want to understand,

choose to look into this and set aside 5 to 10 minutes to learn how to begin to invest in a better future for yourself and for those you love.

I for one, will share with you the knowledge and the understanding I am being shown and treasure I am learning from experience in applying that knowledge and that understanding to my own unique challenges, to my own lifestyle and to my own life.

………….for me, it is gets easier! and the results get better!

…….there are many secrets to successful results that one learns only through diligence and trial and error experience and these too can be made easier to find and then easier to apply with successful results.

sorry, but coming exceedingly close to perfection does not cut it!

we must be perfect, end of story.

and we must be holy

I could say more about this and that, but discerning good and evil will soon come.

6.55 am,


this edit added 7.30 am > do you see? > do you understand? > will you do what needs doing? > will you not do what we are not to do?


do you want to totally turn your life around? any time soon?

7.30 am, Tuesday, 23.06.2015,



if and when you choose to

invest 5 to 10 minutes of your time and attention once a month and learn what is possible for you and discover how easy it can be for you to make changes that will progressively give you a good life, a better life and a perfect life.       7.35 am,

* this edit added 8.58 am, does change interest you? would you want a better life in some way or ways?  would you want a “perfect” life?


I know people who ask me how I am today and when I tell them we need a few minutes to chat they claim they have no time now but will later and later has not come after years of the same story. Oh well.

> I’m saving what I am learning about change for you if you invest even a few minutes once every month or two but do repeat a number of  times until the success factors do sink in and you do use them and do apply them correctly.     **edit 9.03 am until you do achieve results

that’s 5 or 10 minutes only once a month or once every month or two.

7.47 am,


this **edit added, 6.53 am, 25.06.2015, >I repeat > that’s 5 or 10 minutes only once a month or once every month or two. …..seriously!….no fool in!


a word of advice you can choose not to allow fear                           to steal                                                                   your future

7.55 am


another word of advice, if you have pride, you can choose not  to   allow pride   to steal your future,    but you must learn how     and you must choose correctly and then follow through     it is like finding the one right key for a locked door when the key you need is one of 100,000 keys in a pile in an old shed and that key you need is not tagged.  8.06 am,


Are you happy with chaos and confusion and are you content with endless contention and strife or would you want a good life, a better life and then a perfect life?                 > you can add division to your list or endeavour to     keep the unity of the Spirit        in the bond of peace

it is your choice to make or not

is that a yes? or do I hear that NO

not sure?

not sure what to do?

that is not uncommon.

8.20 am, 23/06/2015


one more key point today, have you ever considered turning to God?

8.27 am,


when will you give yourself that life changing 5 or 10 minutes?

8.32 am.


You can choose to say yes, resolve to follow through and then do it.

8.47 am,


yes, you can do it.

8.49 am.


if you wish, I will help you customize a workbook to help you get started on the right foot and assist you to get off and running …..  as they say.

8.55 am,


a call for strong and fearless spiritual leadership

7.25 am, Monday, 22.06.2015,

true, it is not easy, but

7.27 am,


be strong and of good courage

fear not, nor be afraid


speak the truth   in love    and grow up into Christ    in all things

and even put away    lying


be not               slothful


do you know how that and these  are accomplished today?  …>… >> .. >>>

can you do it ?

do you do it ?

do you have the *desire to do what is required of each one of us?

7.35 am,/ *edit added 8.35 am,


do you take seriously      the promises of 2 Corinthians 6:16,17 and 18?

do you have                      the hope of 1 John3:3?

7.45 am,


are you thankful?

do you have perfect peace and the fullness of joy?

………..  even in       the midst of chaos?     and/or    turmoil?

11.08 am,


How many Canadians are paralyzed by fear and by their own faults

6.23 am, Monday, 22.06.2015,



I’ll ask again:

“How many Canadians are paralyzed by fear and their own faults?”

….. this can be easily changed ladies and gentlemen …> … >> .. >>>

with just a few simple choices


but first

much tribulation

a furnace of affliction

rebuke, chastening and scourging

much repentance

much patience

much more fruit

perfect faith without fear

perfect love

and if and when … > … >> ..  >>> ….. >>> ….. then < ++ >, +++++

the good works God our Father is waiting for

now be perfect and be holy and be righteous and restore and do more

now give God thanks and your praise and give God honor and glory

…..> …..???

so, what is your story to date?

where are you stuck?

6.26 am,


6.33 am, join me for a few minutes and a short chat about how to do things right and then how to overcome any and all obstacles and all barriers and then how to live righteously and learn what not to do…ever.  6.39 am


read with me

Hosea 4:1, Hosea 6:1,2,3, James 5:7 and 8 and 1 Peter 4:16,17

now read 2 Corinthians 7:1 and 1 John 3:3 and 1 John 3:1-7

6.49 am.


10.50 am, this *edit added > if you have read both of today’s posts can you say “I get it!” … > … >> .. >>> ….. >>> <++>, +++++        yes __  or   no __


we have need of patience

6.35 am, Saturday, 20/06/2015,

that after we have done the will of God,

we might

inherit the promise.

> to do > please review Hebrews 10:36

6.36 am,




if you are interested in

a much better life and a perfect life

and if you have some time available today

join me for just a few brief moments to consider……


what we must do before and what we must do after Hebrews 10:36?



are you a member of the household of faith?   _____ or _____

are you still on the path?                                   _____ or _____

if yes, where?

are you stuck and struggling ..or

are you in the spirit and progressing?

do  you assemble together with other believers?

do you pray to God our Father and ask in Jesus Name?

do you exhort one another unto love and to good works??


*edit added to “Are you of the household of faith? June 19th, 2015 post  Saturday, June 20th, 2015 at 8.11 – 8.22 am