“……is it time for me to > step out of the boat and time to walk on water?”

4.00 am, 03/06/2015,

………..God willing, my hope is to learn to do the word, to do the work and to do the will of God.   ….soon < perfectly >, but today, my focus is James 1: 22-25 and Hebrews 10:36.

and also Galatians 5:5-6:10  and Ephesians 4:3-4:13   4.11 am,


review where I’ve been > much tribulation, the furnace of affliction, division, troubled on every side; without were fightings, within were fears and now this storm. Mt. 14:22-33.

> now in the midst of the sea, tossed with waves: for the wind was contrary.

> and they cried out in fear.

Who can relate  to my current experience?

God willing, my desire is to walk on water for a spell and then get back into the boat.

> Galatians 5:13 and Galatians 5:5 through to Galatians 6:10 and Ephesians 4:3-13 are challenges to me currently.

> if you have the time to talk, I’ll share with you more detail.

> my hope and desire is that you can be *helped in some positive way

> if you are experiencing life’s problems and want to open up to someone…..

4.36 am, Wednesday, 03/06/2015,  I think, someone has removed the calendar.


4.56 am, the issue is not pleasing man and not pleasing myself, but learning how to please God our Father in heaven  right….good, Better, BEST…and perfectly/righteously

5.00 am, I am to be strong and to be of good courage at this point and not to fear


this edit added 8.48 am, > we are told to > by love   serve    one another

this edit added, 9.13 am, > we are to execute true judgment and show mercy and compassion every man to his brother: < Zechariah 7:9 >

5.07 am, I can see a *customized “workbook” shaping up, what to do and how to do it from basic to advanced on several levels                > how to work through the snags and the snares and all of the gaps and the voids     relating to our various health and lifestyle choices *June 17, 2015

5.16 am, I believe that all Canadians, all 35.5 plus million Canadians a Mari usque ad Mare can benefit if and when Canadians will choose to believe that better health and wellness is possible and if and when Canadians make the necessary move

and simply put, we must believe for total healing and we must choose to implement the necessary changes required of us!      < this *edit was added 6.45 am, 03/06/2015, Thank You Father, Thank You Lord Jesus, Thank You Holy Spirit.  6.46 am >

<  this *edit added 6.54 am, 03/06/2015, when will we overcome our fears ? >

……………just a few changes here and there .   ..   …   ….   ..... …  …   eh!

> who sees what I see?

> who agrees?

> who’s game?

> “maybe later?”

5.21 am,   God willing, as I enter my 80s, I will become a role model of what is possible for any and all adults.  > yes, for all adults, > for older adults, > for seniors, > for elders, > and yes, for older elders and for frail elders too.

5.24 am, I repeat, I see a “workbook” shaping up  how to identify problems and needs then what to do and how to do it from basic to advanced on several progressive levels  ** diligently work through the snags and the snares and the gaps and the voids.  **June 17th, 2015

> physical and emotional > social and relationships > **difficult people with * a stormy past XxXxXx 

> this **edit 6.56 am, when will we truthfully <  by love  serve difficult people >

> helping heal even victims of lifelong physical, emotional and spiritual abuse    *** identify the knots and understand the nature of the knots.

< f y I ,   **** illness and disease has spiritual roots     >  17.06.2015

5.51 am, I’m believing for health and wellness for people of all ages and I’m believing for an advanced healing centre where people can just come and receive healing.

God willing, I will live and accomplish all of this and more. edits 17.06.2015

> even total healing of victims of physical, emotional and spiritual abuse

………………………………………………………..and neglect            – 6.09 am.

> 6.10 am, I’m looking forward to adding quality illustrations and short video clips


6.33 am * edit, added    a stormy past


10.10 am, anyone wanting to learn first hand and by experience what the Bible tells us we are to do to reap the rewards of seeking the kingdom and to receive the full blessings of actual kingdom living. don’t assume they are automatic.


if I am the only one, at this time, with eyes to see the existing opportunity and courage to step out of the boat, that is fine with me. I am OK with that. 10.47 am,


10.55 am, I will read Matthew 14:22-36 as frequently as possible, today.


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