who do we ask if we are unsure of what to do and lack wisdom?

5.56 am, 17.06.2015,

if  you ask me, I’ll direct you to the Holy Spirit and to God’s written word.

Colossians 4:6 tells me

I study the Bible so…that I may know how I ought to answer every man.

Colossians 4:6



6.20 am, if you choose to invest 5 minutes of your time today into seeking Godly wisdom, knowledge and understanding, I’ll share insight I’ve been shown in Joshua 9:14,15, John 15:16,17John 15:7 and James 1:5-8


6.39 am, if you are stuck, where are you stuck and why? in the physical?, emotional?, social?, functional relationships?, impatience?, communication?, unwilling or unable to let go of clutter and rubbish?, fear?, overcoming obstacles and barriers? do you know?


6.49 am, we are in all points to be tempted like as Jesus was and God wants us to be righteous and perfect and holy when the walk is over and when the job is all done.

have you chosen eternal life? and are you walking the walk?

are you having difficulties? and are you stuck?

do you see the opportunity I’m being shown?

do you see the many good options?

do we agree, you and I?

ready to discuss?


7.39 am, if you have another 5 minutes, God willing, I’ll share with you another key insight into what it is that is blocking progress for many of us and what all to do to fully overcome it.

Are you interested? …  ..  ….. or are you just too busy again today?

if you join me today,    …… I’ll share with you what I’m being shown about Isaiah 42:22,       Isaiah 48:16,17,18       Jeremiah 2:13       Matthew 7      Luke 12:31-43          Revelation 3:11-22         Luke 12:12



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