a call for strong and fearless spiritual leadership

7.25 am, Monday, 22.06.2015,

true, it is not easy, but

7.27 am,


be strong and of good courage

fear not, nor be afraid


speak the truth   in love    and grow up into Christ    in all things

and even put away    lying


be not               slothful


do you know how that and these  are accomplished today?  …>… >> .. >>>

can you do it ?

do you do it ?

do you have the *desire to do what is required of each one of us?

7.35 am,/ *edit added 8.35 am,


do you take seriously      the promises of 2 Corinthians 6:16,17 and 18?

do you have                      the hope of 1 John3:3?

7.45 am,


are you thankful?

do you have perfect peace and the fullness of joy?

………..  even in       the midst of chaos?     and/or    turmoil?

11.08 am,



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