do you want to totally turn your life around? any time soon?

7.30 am, Tuesday, 23.06.2015,



if and when you choose to

invest 5 to 10 minutes of your time and attention once a month and learn what is possible for you and discover how easy it can be for you to make changes that will progressively give you a good life, a better life and a perfect life.       7.35 am,

* this edit added 8.58 am, does change interest you? would you want a better life in some way or ways?  would you want a “perfect” life?


I know people who ask me how I am today and when I tell them we need a few minutes to chat they claim they have no time now but will later and later has not come after years of the same story. Oh well.

> I’m saving what I am learning about change for you if you invest even a few minutes once every month or two but do repeat a number of  times until the success factors do sink in and you do use them and do apply them correctly.     **edit 9.03 am until you do achieve results

that’s 5 or 10 minutes only once a month or once every month or two.

7.47 am,


this **edit added, 6.53 am, 25.06.2015, >I repeat > that’s 5 or 10 minutes only once a month or once every month or two. …..seriously!….no fool in!


a word of advice you can choose not to allow fear                           to steal                                                                   your future

7.55 am


another word of advice, if you have pride, you can choose not  to   allow pride   to steal your future,    but you must learn how     and you must choose correctly and then follow through     it is like finding the one right key for a locked door when the key you need is one of 100,000 keys in a pile in an old shed and that key you need is not tagged.  8.06 am,


Are you happy with chaos and confusion and are you content with endless contention and strife or would you want a good life, a better life and then a perfect life?                 > you can add division to your list or endeavour to     keep the unity of the Spirit        in the bond of peace

it is your choice to make or not

is that a yes? or do I hear that NO

not sure?

not sure what to do?

that is not uncommon.

8.20 am, 23/06/2015


one more key point today, have you ever considered turning to God?

8.27 am,


when will you give yourself that life changing 5 or 10 minutes?

8.32 am.


You can choose to say yes, resolve to follow through and then do it.

8.47 am,


yes, you can do it.

8.49 am.


if you wish, I will help you customize a workbook to help you get started on the right foot and assist you to get off and running …..  as they say.

8.55 am,



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