at some point, we all need to hear this or read all about it!

6.13 am, Wednesday, 24.06.2015,

if we choose to, we can have eternal life, but there are stipulations

be perfect, be holy, no sin is allowed not even one, just one and we are guilty of all and to know to do good and not do it, that too is a sin.

We soon discover if we don’t already know it, that we have a man of sin within who must go and a carnal nature which must be totally destroyed and more.

so how is this accomplished when none are righteous and all have sinned and continue to sin?

if you desire to know and if you want to understand,

choose to look into this and set aside 5 to 10 minutes to learn how to begin to invest in a better future for yourself and for those you love.

I for one, will share with you the knowledge and the understanding I am being shown and treasure I am learning from experience in applying that knowledge and that understanding to my own unique challenges, to my own lifestyle and to my own life.

………….for me, it is gets easier! and the results get better!

…….there are many secrets to successful results that one learns only through diligence and trial and error experience and these too can be made easier to find and then easier to apply with successful results.

sorry, but coming exceedingly close to perfection does not cut it!

we must be perfect, end of story.

and we must be holy

I could say more about this and that, but discerning good and evil will soon come.

6.55 am,


this edit added 7.30 am > do you see? > do you understand? > will you do what needs doing? > will you not do what we are not to do?



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