“Stop!” “Please stop lying!” “please!”

5.25 am, Saturday, 04.07.2015,

Lying is a serious error and a BIG fault.

an early goal for all of us ought to be to speak the truth   in love

not fabricating stories and not making up lies should be on our list of what not to do.

do you want to know why?      and understand in your heart why?

ASK me and I’ll share with you what I’ve been shown recently.

I have made a short list of what Christians must overcome:

sin and self, affections and lusts of the flesh, that man of sin within, temptations on all points, a heart which is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous his thoughts, most of us walk in darkness and most of us lack knowledge.

fyi, it need not be that way.

Sir, Ma’m,  it can be changed pdq!

Some people reject knowledge, but many are given misinformation or out and out lies.

I think God is displeased when there is a lack of truth or there is the withholding of truth.

as one example of what displeases God, read Luke 11:52, if you don’t agree with me.

add to all of that,  we are deceived by others and deceived by our own selves

did you ever wonder why many are called and only a few are chosen?

are you interested in answered prayer and in  learning how to draw nigh to God?

…….if you have 5 minutes, join me and let us take a peek at Colossians Chapter three


about me: I like to make illustrations once I understand in my head and in my heart.

more about me: I study the Bible diligently…hours every day and I seek to understand what we are to do, what we are not to do and where we can get caught knowing to do good and not doing it to overcome all obstacles and all barriers and to achieve the perfection and the holiness that God has planned for his people.      6.01 am,


4.56 am,


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