it’s about us overcoming ourselves and then serving and pleasing God

7.22 am, 14.07.2015,




join me briefly

and let us review together

Revelation 3:21:  “to him that over cometh

Revelation 21:7: “He that over cometh shall inherit all things and +, +”

and then Malachi 3:16 and 3:18

7.31 am.


8.01 am, this edit added, if it is a mere ten day journey from Egypt to the Promised Land, explain why the Israelites were not allowed entry even after 40 years. God’s guidelines are clear and His requirements must be met.


8.21 am, this edit added, > we’re looking for the guidelines that do work. > review Malachi 2:2 and 4:2 and Luke 11:52


9.03 am, this *edit added, > review John 3:16-21 > whosoever believeth on him  and he that doeth truth and cometh to the light > and he that believeth not


9.33 am, this edit added > review Galatians 5:13 through to Galatians 6:10 and then review Colossians 3:17 ….next, review Titus 2:14,15 and James 2:17-22.


9.45 am, this edit added, review Hebrews 10:24 > let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:


who is ready and willing to step out past hearing and chit-chatting

to doing the word now, doing the work now and doing the Father’s will now!

we are to be strong and of good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them:

10.04 am.



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