when you start to believe for certain and for sure, that yes, you are chosen and you do want to finish getting ready and then it is in your heart to stay ready

5.42 am, 17.07.2015,

and now you just want to get on with the rest of the program …….

in great earnest

5.43 am,

> acknowledge all of your iniquity   > Jeremiah 3:21

> call upon the name of the Lord Jesus > Romans 10:1-21

> be zealous therefore, and repent. >Revelation 3:19,20,21,22

> review with me Matthew 21:12-13, Luke 19:45,46 and Isaiah 56:7


> this edit 6.30 am, 17.07.2015, faith, patience, good works and perfect love


> this edit 6.37 am, 17.07.2015, 35.5 million Canadians a Mari usque ad Mare are invited to seriously seek physical health, emotional wellness, honest/truthful interpersonal communication and spiritual life.


> this edit added 7.00 am, 17.07.2015, > do James 1:16 – 27 and Hebrews 10:36.

> this edit added 9.35 am, Sunday, 19.07.2015, who will make the effort to put away lying and diligently seek to speak the truth in love and diligently seek to grow up into Christ in all things. > these are being shown to me as key pieces that must be in place before breakthrough transformations are possible.  >>up until then, we are dragging our feet, individually and collectively.  9.46 am.



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