may I share with you today what I am being shown today?

3.41am, Tuesday, 21/07/2015,

> exhort one another daily while it is called To day; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of even one teeny tiny sin.

> stay focused on things above, Colossians 3:1,2

resist being distracted by worldly people with worldly agendas

permit me to give some examples:

X prepared not himself,  Luke 12:47

> this edit added 4.33 am, don’t be hindered by the bad examples of those who profess that they know God: but in works they deny him

be not slothful, Hebrews 6:12

because thou art lukewarm, Revelation 3:16

harden not your heart through the deceitfulness of sin Hebrews 3:13

now, let us examine together very carefully:

1/, Luke 12:47   prepare yourself and do the Father’s will

2/, Luke 11:52      don’t be hindered by obvious bad advice

3/, James 4:17    whenever you know to do good, do it

4/, Revelation 3:11   hold that fast which thou hast

5/, Revelation 3:19-22    be zealous therefore and repent

4.17 am



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