who is willing to call on the name of our Lord Jesus every time they are stuck?

9.01 am, 31/08/2015.  > be proactive!  9.04  instead of shouting at me…eh! 9.05


…..is this healing centre soon a reality?

8.32 am, 31/08/2015,

just reviewed the stats for the past few days and there is definitely strong reader interest.  > I must be making some sense to some people – 10.34 am/04/09/2015.

since last Monday there have been a total of 30 articles written with 4,7,6,0,4,0,3,4,and today 6 more already and I am still posting.

I’m asking, what does this mean in terms of something happening soon?

I see simple easy changes which reap enormous benefits and countless blessings!

BUT, who sees what I see AND who agrees AND who is willing   to    TRY    …..  ???

where and when and to who can I demonstrate the first easy move?

Who is ready to evaluate and asses the second easy move all Canadians should do

it only gets better after that! ….the 3rd move………………..all the way up to the 12th

8.49 am.


Father, I’m believing for a healing centre to serve all of Canada and all Canadians a Mari usque ad Mare!

7.24 am, 31/08/2015/7.25am

Father, if I’m ready, where do I start?    ……………..and when do I start? 7.47am.



I perceive that I need a place with some suitable space…a little or a lot….but Father, what do YOU want me to do at this point?


is there still something more that I need to do to prepare?

I’m reminded of 2 Chronicles 7:14  which says if my people, which are called by my name, shall ___________________ and  ________________ and ____________

and ____________________;       then +   +   +

and now reader, if you are with me on this, read 2 Chronicles 7:15 and 16 with me

Father, YOU tell us in Malachi 3:6 “I change not;”, > so does this hold today? 8.00 am.

Father, I am wanting to know You. > …what You like. > ….what You want.   8.03 am


because I’m the one who does want to know God and because I desire a genuine loving spiritual relationship, today’s post is a special reminder for me

31/08/2015/5.30 am

see John 17:3 and John 17:26

I do want to know God the Father

I do desire to have a genuine loving relationship with God and with Jesus His Son

As others may not want what I want, I must learn to respect their wishes and their wants

and this without compromising my values nor any of my beliefs, so it takes some effort

I find clear communication and making solid connections are both BIG challenges

I’m being led to an understanding that we are all stuck until we get over our many differences and can work together    in harmony      in the spirit    and     in truth

…….doing the word……doing the work……….and doing the Father’s will

……………………………..and then purified unto Jesus > becoming a peculiar people, zealous of good works

…..now, if you have the time, review with me 1 Peter 4 and 5.

“anything click?”

6.12 am. 31/08/2015.


this edit added 6.17 am, if you are still puzzled, let us review together Isaiah 5:16 and  1 Peter 4: 7-11  6.21