may I share with you Sir? …Ma’am?

6.57 am, Saturday, 01/08/2015,

know this:

….> ….>>……>>> …..>>>  …..>>>

if you can believe,

if you will build strong faith,

and if you will act on your faith,

there are easy steps to bring you success!

why hook and slice when you can hit your golf balls square

there are righteous ways to overcome all spiritual challenges!

why guess and assume when you can have God’s righteousness!

7.04 am/7.21 am/7.32 am.


why reject knowledge? why walk in darkness? why be deceived and deceive others?

7.37 am,




let us by love serve one another

let us love our neighbor as ourselves

who is interested in health, in wellness and in life?

who wants to learn all about building healthy relationships?

who would like relief? and then a cure? for their carpal tunnel syndrome?

who wants healing of their anger, bitterness and all unforgiveness  toward others?

8.01 am.




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