post one for today

6.29 am,  13/08/2015

this edit added 2.57 am, 14th, read John 10:10 daily for 10 days > rejoice and be glad > be thankful for the trials and the tribulations and the affliction which will become blessings if and when you endure > turn your heart to the Lord 2  Cor 3:16 and have that vail of darkness removed. > this edit > this edit added at 3.03 am, 14/08/2015,


I’m believing for a healing centre to address any and all problems/the whole 9 yards

who wants to be involved?

who needs help?

who wants help?

speak up!


who is open to receive?

who is willing to give to others?

this edit added 3.09 am, 14.08.2015.


problems/obstacles/challenges/barriers/blocks all come in the physical, emotional, mental, social, relationship building or fighting, in connecting with others in truth and in reality or with excuses and with made up stories and with lies ….> take your pick…..> AND in unity of the spirit too!

can you see it?/it? > in full agreement > on the same page and in the same paragraph

I encourage you to actively and enthusiastically participate.

note: faith without works is dead

BUT learn to do it/it righteously

well worth the effort!

be blessed!

3.26 am./3.36 am



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