There are lifestyle choices available which permit Canadians in their 60s, 70s and even 80s, to regain very good to excellent health and awesome wellness!!

12.52 pm

my hope and desire is to tell you all about it > to articulate > to illustrate and > to demonstrate what to do and how to do many simple easy things which when done together in perfect harmony make a HUGE difference > giving good to excellent results

1.07 pm,/ 1.37 pm Sunday, 16.08.2015.


How is this possible? > What results are possible?  my computer is acting up again today ….doing what it wants to not what I want  …> bear with me until I get over this or through it whichever works… 1.20 pm


this edit 2.03, my hope is to become an example of what is po

I’m back!

Yes, >>> my hope is to become an example of what is possible by adults, by older adults, by seniors and by older elders too  > this *edit added 5.15 am, 28/08/2015 > just read all of my posts from today all the way back to this post from August 16th, 2015  > reads well!

>, >>,  >>>   now, let’s do it and let’s do it righteouslyGod’s way this time 5.26 am.

Thank You Father, Thank You Lord Jesus for blessing me and for teaching me and for guiding me and for leading me by the way that I should go even on stormy days! 5.20


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